Former Park Mammoth Resort (A.K.A Rockcastle Shooting Center, Lookout Restaurant & Cave Valley Golf Club) – 16 Subdivision Lots In One Package – 1/4 Mile From Mammoth Cave Nat’l Park

Selling In Conjunction With the Edmonson County Master Commissioner

Begins: 06/08/19 at 10:00 AM CDT
Location: 22850 Louisville Road, Park City, KY 42160

1/4 Mile From Mammoth Cave National Park with the Cave Being  Known by Many as  “One of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World”, Hosting Over Two Million Visitors Annually

One of Kentucky’s Finest Hunting & Recreational Areas

BY VIRTUE OF A DECREE AND ORDER OF SALE OF THE EDMONSON CIRCUIT COURT, the Master Commissioner working in conjunction with Joe B. Houchens Auctioneers, Inc., will sell at public auction the real property in the following action on Saturday, June 8th, 2019, about the hour of 10:00 a.m. “on-site” at 22850 Louisville Road – Park City, KY, The property shall be sold to collect the amounts hereinafter set forth, together with interest and the costs of the action, and upon the following terms and conditions (unless otherwise stated).


(A) There will be a seven percent (7%) buyer’s premium added to successful bid to determine sale price of real estate.  The purchasers will be required to pay ten percent (10%) down the day of sale and post bond on the remainder with the balance due in thirty (30) days.  The Master Commissioner will retain a lien on the property sold to secure the sale price.  If the purchaser elects to post bond, he/she will be required to provide sufficient surety thereon at the sale.  Said bond shall be for the unpaid balance of the purchase price and bear interest at the rate of 12% per annum from the date of sale until paid.  Please contact Stephen Yates at the Master Commissioner’s Office prior to the sale with questions regarding approved surety at 270-597-2134.  (B) The property is sold subject to the following: a. State, county, city, and school taxes payable for the entire year of 2019 and all taxes due thereafter. b. Public and/or private easements, restrictions, and covenants of record. c. Assessments for public improvements levied against the property. d. Any facts which an inspection or accurate survey of the property may disclose.  e. The purchaser shall be required to assume and pay all taxes levied against said property for the 2019 tax year and all subsequent years. The property shall be sold “as is” and possession shall pass to the purchaser upon delivery of deed. Risk of loss shall pass to the purchaser upon execution of bond of sale or payment of the purchase price in full whichever occurs first.  (C) The property shall otherwise be sold free and clear of any and all right, title, and interest of all parties to this action and of their liens and encumbrances thereon except such right of redemption as may exist in favor of the United States of America or the defendants.  (D) Furnishings and equipment are not a part of this real estate offering.  (E) For a more particular description of these properties, reference is made to the file on record at the Edmonson Circuit Clerk’s Office.


BANK OF EDMONSON COUNTY VS THE FORTRESS GROUP, INC.; NICHOLAS NOBLE; WENDY NOBLE; NATHAN NOBLE; MARILYN NOBLE; UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF TREASURY, INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE; AND COMMONWEALTH OF KENTUCKY, COUNTY OF EDMONSON, pending in the Judgment and Order of Sale in Edmonson Circuit Court, Civil Action No. 18-CI-00136, to collect $1,760,384.92 as of December 5th, 2018, together with interest on the unpaid principal balance thereof accruing at the rate of $235.8076 per day from December 5th, 2018, until paid in full, plus all such legal fees and expenses as may be allowed by this court.


SALE: 1,494.92± Acres

22850 Louisville Road – Park City, KY

PVA Parcel #: 088-00-00-003.00

PVA Parcel #: 088-00-00-016.01

Being the same property conveyed to The Fortress Group, Inc., by deed dated December 30th, 2009 and recorded in Deed Book 205, Page 662 and by deed dated December 30th, 2009 and recorded in Deed Book 205, Page 672 at the Edmonson County Court Clerk’s Office.


Timothy E. Bridgeman – Attorney for Bank of Edmonson County


Gary S. Logsdon – Edmonson County Master Commissioner


Tract #6 contains a 490-acre conservation easement to The Nature Conservancy, a District of Columbia non-profit organization.  The main purpose of this easement is to protect and conserve the surrounding natural habitat of Coach Cave and James Cave for the hibernaculum of the Indiana Bat and Gray Bat.  This easement prohibits any further development or subdividing of this parcel with the main permitted use being for recreation, such as hunting and hiking the nature trails.

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